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By 2014 Mobile Search "should" TAKE OVER desktop Internet usage.

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On average, Americans spend 2.7 hours a day on a mobile device searching and socializing.

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One half of ALL local searches are performed on a Mobile Device.

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If you cancel in the middle of the month there will be no pro-rated refunds for any reason since your service will remain active until the end of that billing period. Any payments that are declined, returned insufficient or deemed invalid, the service will be suspended until payment is made current. When the service is suspended, the mobile website app will not be visible to the public and you will not have access to your account until your account is current and paid.

If you completely cancel your monthly service, your access will be made inactive and you will no longer be able to login to the EZ App Designer Platform. All content that remains on the platform may be deleted completely due to your cancellation request with 30 days after cancellation. All software coding, programming, online platform, logos, images, and any and all content remain the property of EZ App Designer and cannot be transferred or provided to Customer for any reason. The EZ App Designer Mobile Website App services are provided as long as you remain a Customer and your account is Active and payment is up-to-date and current. The services cannot be transferred, copied or taken to any other provider as this is a proprietary platform.

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